Document Management for the Education Industry

document management for education

Document management and automation in the education sector: How streamlining workflow benefits administration, instructors and students alike?

Technology is undeniably changing the ways in which people interact with the world. Document management for education is not a new subject, still, many people have reservations when it comes to utilizing contract automation software in students’ daily lives.

At present what we see of students interaction with technology is how it detracts from the learning experience, but rarely how it is modernizing, complimenting or bridging the gap between teachers and their pupils.

The document workflow automation process carries with it numerous benefits for education administrators, teachers and students alike, and the fear as to how it may detract from the teaching process is probably the biggest reason this technology has not been more widely utilized.

The time to update is now. DocsCube allows school staff to modernize employee administration thereby enhancing the student experience and engagement.

With document management for education teachers and support staff will save time, recourses and effort in numerous areas all while using intuitive technology requiring no coding experience. The benefits are three-fold, and transformative.

The role of document management and automation in the education industry: The evolution of the profession

It is highly unlikely that automation and digital advancements will impact the education industry in terms of employment loss for teachers, school psychologists or administrators.

The teaching profession is one of the least vulnerable professions when it comes to automation because so much of the work is grounded in interpersonal relationships and complex, emotional intelligence. In fact, with the current technology available, only about 27% of the work can be automated, most of it repetitive and administrative.

Instead, automation supplements the experience by eliminating the roadblocks to faster, more accurate and more efficient task completion.

What is document automation? What role does it play in the education industry?

Document management for education refers to the process of utilizing technology to streamline and complete manual, repetitive, mundane tasks while eliminating human error as much as possible. One of the most important benefits to automation is the reduced time it takes to complete the aforementioned duties.

With document management for education all workflows, forms and documents are created utilizing drag-and-drop features, therefore making the system easy to use by anyone.

Automation shaves off time it takes to complete administration duties so that it can be put towards boosting productivity, increasing interaction with students and forming deeper connections.

A significant portion of an educator’s day is consumed with performing repetitive, manual tasks like scheduling, lesson planning, tracking attendance and even equipment renting from the school’s AV department. Similarly, the administration department is responsible for everything from processing grades and report cards to student admissions, hiring and staff registration.

Digitizing these procedures not only eliminates paper-based, manual processing, it removes bottlenecks and optimizes time, while modernizing user experience.

Boost efficiency and employee satisfaction across the board by providing an all-in-one digital solution aimed at organizing and simplifying routine tasks and workflow.

The Digital Transformation Tool for Education

DocsCube is No-Coding, document management and automation solution designed to simplify and automate mundane tasks and elevate the education experience. Eliminate administrative busy work, simplify daily teaching procedure, and save valuable recourses and time.

With document automation you can empower your staff with the tools they require to become more innovative and creative in their daily routines and interactions. Compliment teaching styles with digital innovations aimed at enhancing the students’ learning experience and student-instructor engagement. Eliminate tedious admin work; put that valuable time into education, creative thinking and shaping the minds of the future.

Benefits of utilizing to document management for education:

The cloud based software can be accessed anywhere, any time with information backed by guaranteed security measures. Not only does this improve communication and collaboration between staff, but also transparency.

Additionally, the time it takes to complete the below mentioned duties would decrease exponentially, allowing administrators to focus attention on high priority tasks as well as the students themselves.

E-Sign course registration, financial-aid applications and track conditions for graduation

Enrollment forms, registrations and all applications are processed automatically. Students are guided through filling in each page and reminded to verify, sign and initial each page electronically. Missing information and human error is therefore minimized.

Automatic email reminders are sent out to ensure document completion therefore ensuring that deadlines are adhered to. Each student’s graduation requirements are tracked. Advisors, students and parents alike can be fully aware as to each pupil’s progress and timeline.

Processing grades, report cards, parent teacher feedback and meetings faster

Pre-fill report cards, feedback and set meetings quickly and easily. Bulk e-mail documents securely to parents and teachers alike.

Streamline and automate teacher and general staff onboarding

Manually processing or creating documents required to recruit, hire or relocate teachers is time consuming and must be completed precisely. Resumes, Visa applications, benefit enrollment forms can now all be created and completed on the cloud based system and emailed directly through the software itself. Employee onboarding time and procedure now takes a fraction of the time it used to.

Enable More efficient communication and collaboration

Efficient communication is the cornerstone of collaboration and optimal performance. It is no different in the teaching profession. Communication between departments and groups for all sorts of reasons. Whether it be staff meetings, general bulk notifications or any other type of communication, emails can be sent in bulk or by role and even importance. Due date notifications, group work, backlogs can all be sent and tracked through the software making tasks much more simple and efficient.

Automation for teaching related tasks

It takes about 11 hours per week to prepare lesson plans, and other activities for students. With education document management software that time could be cut to almost half, leaving the instructors to truly dedicate their efforts to engage with students, address knowledge gaps and create more meaningful relationships.

automate tasks in education industry

How it works:

The software is intuitive. It can be set to automatically fill out forms with pre-provided responses from the document library. Whether renting out equipment, or pre-filling student evaluations, the software enables the user to conduct all projects much more efficiently.

Biggest potential for automation:

  • Lesson planning and student evaluations
  • Attendance
  • Student Surveys
  • Parent -Teacher Reports
  • Group Evaluations
  • Classroom Walkthroughs

Even portions of grading may be done through automation. Multiple choice questions have been graded this way for many years. Currently, short, simple quizzes and some homework assignments can be done in a similar way.

Streamline and Automate Workflow for Education:

  • Keep Track of Scheduling and Attendance
    Track timetable updates, student attendance, seminar reservations and registration and even equipment reservations.
  • Verify Enrollment and Application Status
    Automatically process application forms and forward to the appropriate department. Set alerts, automatic emails and receive notifications each time applications arrive.
  • Instructors receive enrollment forms promptly and class lists are updated automatically for seamless student registration.
  • E-Sign Enrollment, Financial Aid Forms and Transcript Requests on the go
    Sign documents anywhere, from any device. Set a signing order and define roles for students and parents on financial aid applications and enrollment forms. Request transcripts and send the applications in just a few clicks; no hardcopies, scanning or printing required.
  • Create Templates for Weekly Lesson Plans and Schedules
    Generate re-usable lesson plan templates and customize to suit without coding a single word. The drag-and-drop feature helps create flawless educational programs and schedules. Edit and alter as needed without re-creating your plans from scratch.
  • Digitize Student Grading and Progress Reports
    Pre-fill progress cards and reports for student and parents alike. Send in bulk in seconds.
  • Enhance Student Security and Parental Peace of Mind
    Monitor and track student attendance; send and receive administrator alerts if attendance is overly irregular.
  • Streamline Communication and Collaborate with Colleagues
    Organize faculty teams and increase staff collaboration and involvement. Distribute documents, sign timesheets and reports to groups through the cloud based system; track bottlenecks easily.
  • Increase transparency, communication and keep your team motivated. Email bulk documents to specific departments in seconds.
  • Maintain Compliance and Keep Student Records Secure
    Rest assured that all data is secure and level of protection fully compliant. All information is stored in a central repository, filed and tabbed with precision. Access required data remotely and still maintain the same level of protection.
  • Automate Email Responses
    Automate email responses to simple, standard, queries- like office hours, assignment or exam dates. Save valuable time by responding only to most urgent messages and focus on work that matters most.

DocsCube Document Management for Education eliminates redundant and repetitive tasks allowing education staff to focus on creating a more engaging learning atmosphere for students and a more efficient work environment overall.

Automation ultimately benefits students

Ultimately, workflow automation benefits the students most directly. By streamlining preparatory processes, teachers can engage with students for longer periods of time ultimately providing a deeper and more qualitative learning experience.

Students benefit by:

Conclusion: Document management for education can help and streamline administrative task

Automation allows teachers and administrators to put students first. To concentrate their efforts on providing the best education possible. Digital Transformation compliments the teaching profession by simplifying and streamlining daily tasks that take valuable time away from other, more meaningful interactions.

Students benefit by receiving more focused attention from their instructors, ultimately leading to better grades and better education. Strive for innovation, productivity and a more meaningful teaching experience.

Transform your education institution and focus on people rather than process-with DocsCube.

document automation for education