Construction Document Management Software

Why Construction Document Management Software?

Construction document management software ensure that all parties are working on the same, up-to-date information whether you’re in the office or the in the field.

The DocsCube automated document management for construction streamlines repetitive administrative and HR operations, automates workflows, verifies credentials and even reduces the need for manual operations and paper use.

DocsCube creates a simplified, clear roadmap making it easy to maintain top to bottom compliance, reduces human error and redundancies thereby increasing your bottom line while keeping your staff safe and secure.

Maintaining industry compliance is crucial. Utilizing construction document management software simplifies compliance tracking, document generation and automation, tracking deadlines, expiration dates, course requirements and even simplifies procedure during the decision making.

Furthermore, maintaining transparency, providing client updates, updating invoices and cross-checking information would take an exorbitant amount of time and effort without construction document management software in place to simplify and streamline each action.

Automate all types of contracts and documents in the construction Industry:

  • Roofing, construction and architectural proposals,
  • HVAC and solar panel installation proposals
  • Equipment rental agreements
  • Construction equipment lease proposal
  • Material Requests

Remove roadblocks to success with Construction Document Management: bid for and create contracts quickly and Efficiently:

  • Leverage automation technology, utilize the drag-and drop features to create comprehensive, compliant contract bids with less time and effort.
  • Create custom built bids in minutes utilizing the The DocsCube content library. Use prebuilt business document templates.
  • Build, customize and populate error-free contracts easily with document generation solution.
  • Create service quotes, pricing estimations, construction proposals with the most up-to-date documents, eliminate redundant versions and get the details right the first time.
  • Finish and sign off work orders and contracts electronically, remotely from any device.

document management for construction

Centralized document management: Digitize hardcopy documents and store contracts securely

  • Digitize all your hardcopy workorders, receipts, daily or weekly worksheets, checklists and compliance requirements and never lose a document again.
  • Avoid confusion and errors, double document handling and speed up the administration process.
  • Tab and file all your documents in clearly labelled folders, store them on the DocsCube platform or any of the integrated software.
  • Access everything you need anywhere in just a few clicks.
  • Digitize all your documents, make each and every document clearly legible create one point of truth.

Manage safety, risks and onsite compliance:

  • Know and track the status of each contract, insurances and licenses with an automated document workflow system built to manage and mitigate everyday on-site risks.
  • Receive notifications each time an employee’s or visitor’s credentials are about to expire. Rest assured never to breach safety regulations.
  • Receive alert when documentation needs to be renewed. Simply set notifications and reminders; automate the process and stay ahead of deadlines worry free.
  • Document, track and analyze contract statuses; enter the details of each partie and route to management quickly and efficiently – no email back and forth, no rubber – stamping. Each activity is tracked by name, date and time stamps for maximum transparency.
document automation

Supercharge onboarding, manage new hires and vendor contracts Efficiently

  • Onboard and offboard, hires faster and more efficiently. Send out hire contracts and utilize e-signatures to finalize them.
  • Build document workflows to ensure that manual tasks like background checks, drug testing, safety training and orientation are conducted efficiently and according to company procedure.
  • Efficiently conduct audit reports on each hire and eliminate paper based management systems prone to human error.

Have you finger on the pulse financially:

Learn more about DocsCube quote automation: How to automate sales quotes?

Automate construction workflows:

  • Rev 133a2cc Workflow
  • Nfpa 1402 Workflow
  • Procurement checklist Workflow
  • Welding inspection checklist Workflow
  • Tender reference letter Workflow
  • Construction Quote Request Workflow
  • Purchase Form Workflow
  • Daily Construction Report Workflow

Construction industry is safety and security regulated

According to Autodesk Digital Builder managing documents in construction industry is very important. Be prepared for whatever comes your way; from budget planning to employee onboarding and contract tracking. DocsCube is with you every step of the way, making the compliance aspect of your job streamlined and worry free. Conduct your business with confidence knowing that DocsCube is in your corner every step of the way.

Maintain your agility and competitive edge while maintaining strict organizational compliance and reliability with all=-in-one document management software. Reduce human error, increase efficiency, maintain safety while increasing your bottom line.

Regulations and compliance requirements govern almost every aspect of the construction industry. With licenses and permits being continuously updated, the industry is heavily regulated with the sole purpose of maintaining staff and public safety.

Construction document management solution