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How to Write Marketing Proposal and Win the Bid

What is a marketing proposal template? A marketing proposal is a document which companies use to pitch goods and services to potential clients. The success of the pitch heavily depends on the content and originality. Every business owner should learn how to write marketing proposal and win the deal! For the document to succeed, it […]


Import All Your Documents Directly from Gmail Attachments

Do you still download your documents from your email by drag and dropping them into a desktop file? Have you ever misplaced a contract only to realize it much later?  No matter the position held in a company, emails, and back and forth negotiations are part of the daily workload. Attachments are all sent through […]


What is UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act)?

The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) was drafted in the USA and was the first national act to create rules pertaining to electronic signatures and their use between ratified states. It is similar in definition to the EU eIDas directive. The difference lies in that it pertains to legality of e-documents and signatures drafted in […]


The E-sign Act

The E-Sign Act legitimizes and enforces validity of electronic signatures. In simple terms, the Act does not differentiate between handwritten, hardcopy signatures or electronic ones. They are equally legitimate and enforceable by law whether in the United States, the EU or elsewhere in the world. They cannot be denied solely upon the notion of being […]